SUPERVAC-9 (Combined Clastridial Vaccine)
SUPERVAC-9 (Combined Clastridial Vaccine)

SUPERVAC-9 (Combined Clastridial Vaccine)

Composition: Süpervac-9; is a polyvalent combined vaccine that prepared with C.pseudotuberculosis, S.typhimurium, Cl.perfingens tip B, C ve D, Cl. novyi tip A, Cl.septicum, Cl.chauvoei and Cl.tetani, adjuvanted with aluminum hydroxide gel and phenol as preservative.

1. ELISA unit antibody level of blod sera from vaccinated sheep
2. LD50 level difference between vaccinated and control group mice.
3. Antitoxin level of sera from vaccinated rabbits
4. Protection level epruvated guinea pig

Süper vac-9 vaccine for active immunization against enterotoxaemia (hemorrhagic and necrotic enteritis, soft kidney disease, struck, lamb dysentery), Infectious Necrotic Hepatitis, Malignant Edema, Bradzot, Blackleg, Tetanus, Pseudotuberculosis (Caseous lymphadenitis) and salmonellosis (calf Gastroenteritis) for cattle, sheep, goat, lamb and kids.

Administration and Dosage:

Calves, lambs and kids born from vaccinated mothers should be vaccinated from the 2nd week af ter birth, whereas calves,  ambs and kids born from vaccinated mothers from the 2nd month. Animals that have not been vaccinated before will receive the second vaccination after 21-28 days. Animals that have already been vaccinated should be vaccinated every 6 months.


  •    The vaccine applied only on healthy animals.
  •     Boil the used bottles, needles and syringes after use.  
  •     The animals vaccinated as aseptic conditions.
  •     Before vaccine is injected, the proposed site of inoculation on the animals’ skin may be cleaned by swabbing with cotton-wool soaked in an antiseptic solution, such as alcohol.


There may be a slight inflammatory reaction at the injection site. On rare occasions, if anaphylactic shocks or hypersensitivity reactions occurred, use adrenergic or antihistaminic treatment to get reactions under control.

The vaccine can be use all period of pregnant without last month. Animals that ill and in incubation period must not vaccinated.

Shelf life:
2 years

Storage Conditions:
The vaccine is stored at +2 ˚C to +8 ˚C (refrigerator conditions). Do not freeze.

Withdrawal Period:
28 days.

The vaccine packed in bottles of 20, 50, 100, 250 and 300 ml.

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