Poxvac (Pox Vaccine)
Poxvac (Pox Vaccine)

Poxvac (Pox Vaccine)

POXVAC is a lyophilized and attenuated vaccine prepared in cell cultures.


POXVAC is a lyophilized and attenuated vaccine prepared in cell cultures.


Each dose of vaccine content; Sheep-goat pox virus> 1025TCID50

Sukrose 10%

Contains lactalbumin hydrolyzate 5%


Vaccine; It is applied to protect cattle, sheep and lambs against sheep smallpox and goats and kids to goat smallpox.

Dosage and Application Method:

  • The vaccine is administered as 0.2 ml for healthy lambs and kids between 6-12 weeks of age and 0.5 ml for older than 3 months.
  • The vaccine is administered subcutaneously to the underarm area in sheep and lambs, and under the tail in goats and kids.
  • The vaccine is administered to the cattle 3 ml subcutaneously in the neck area in front of the scapula.
  • When the vaccine is to be used, the dry vaccine is aseptically diluted with some liquid from the diluent, shaken without foaming, added back to the diluent by withdrawing with the syringe.

Important Notices:

  1. Vaccination should not be performed in the places where there is no disease in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy and in the first month after birth.
  2. The vaccine should be used within 2 hours after reconstitution. Reconstituted vaccine should be protected from all kinds of heat and sunlight, and overheated reconstitution fluid bottles should be used after cooling.
  3. In practice, the rules of asepsis and antisepsis should be strictly followed, and needles and syringes should not be cleaned with chemicals.
  4. With the rise of a temporary fever after vaccination, the formation of hard or soft swellings (0.2-5 cm in diameter) and dry necrotic crusts in the application area is considered normal. Individual and general vaccination reactions can be seen.
  5. Immunity occurs in 21 days. Its duration is 8 months.
  6. This product is implemented and tracked by legal authorities. The MANUFACTURER company will not be responsible for the practices and results other than Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Health Technicians.

Disposal Conditions:

Destruction takes place in two stages.

It is destroyed in an autoclave under pressure of 1.2 atm for 1 hour at 121 ° C.

As a final treatment, it is sent to the septic tanks.


The lyophilized vaccine should be stored in the dark and at + 2 C / + 8 "C.

Packaging shape:

The vaccine is packaged with 10 ml of 20-dose vials, 25 ml of 50-vials, 100 ml of vials, 50 ml and 200-dose vials, and 100 ml of dilution fluid.

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